Pensacola Symphony Orchestra - Peter Rubardt, Music Director Pensacola Symphony Orchestra - Peter Rubardt, Music Director

Pensacola: Then & Now

On November 4, 2017, the PSO will perform an extraordinary concert featuring choreographed images projected across a huge screen above the orchestra in collaboration with multimedia artist Nicholas Bardonnay. We’ll present a stunning visual concerto in two movements. The first movement will feature images of historic Pensacola in partnership with the University of West Florida Historic Trust. With your help, the second movement will share what makes Pensacola great today.

We need your photos!

What are your favorite things about living in Pensacola? Spectacular beaches? Our beloved military? Landmarks? Architecture? Nature? Wildlife? Nightlife? Activities? Food? Sports? Arts? Fun? Faith? People?

Give us your answer in images!

Submit as many photos as you would like – both newly created and ones that you have already shot.

Deadline – July 17, 2017

Photo submission guidelines:

  • Horizontal in orientation and color images preferred
  • JPEG or TIFF file format
  • Minimum resolution 3300 pixels wide by 2200 high
  • No watermarks on photos
  • Use “FirstName_LastName_Photo#” for filenames

Online form

By submitting my art, I understand and agree that I retain ownership and unrestricted use of all my photographs that are submitted to the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra ("PRESENTER") and Nicholas Bardonnay of Westwater Arts ("ARTIST") for possible inclusion in a multimedia production ("PRODUCTION") with PRESENTER on November 4 and 5,2017. I hereby grant PRESENTER and ARTIST the permanent and irrevocable right to use these submitted photographs, as they deem appropriate when related to the PRODUCTION, without limitation or compensation. I have obtained all needed rights and clearances to use the photographs I am submitting and assume full legal and financial responsibility for the same. I will retain copies of my photographs PRIOR to submission to PRESENTER and ARTIST. I agree and fully understand that the copies of my photographs (including digital files) submitted to PRESENTER and ARTIST will not be returned. I also fully acknowledge that my submitted photographs may or may not be included in the finished PRODUCTION, which is at sole artistic discretion of ARTIST.

IMPORTANT: Your first and last name, or where appropriate, organization name must be included in the digital file name of each submitted photograph (e.g. "first name_last name_1.jpg" or “organization_1.jpg”).

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